My 4 Best Adult Affiliate Programs and Events

There are many types of adult affiliate programs for different sectors like sex toys, phone sex, online sex games, subscription porn sites, and even affiliate programs to sell sex robots.

An affiliate program is a commonly used marketing strategy that a company, called the merchant, uses when they will pay a commission to a webmaster or online influencer, an affiliate, for driving traffic or sales to their website.

Both mainstream and adult affiliate programs exist that may appeal to online influencers, webmasters, and folks with a good penchant for a side hustle.

Why signup for adult affiliate programs?

First, consider if you have or are willing to grow an online presence and audience so you can promote merchants and be considered a good potential candidate to sign up for their adult affiliate programs.

There are various benefits to running and joining an adult affiliate program.

  • Added source of income: Affiliates can earn a commission for every sale or lead generated through their unique affiliate link, which can provide them with an additional stream of income.
  • Low start-up costs: Starting an affiliate marketing business requires very little investment as affiliates do not need to create their own products or services. They can simply promote the products or services of the merchant through their website or social media channels.
  • No inventory management: As an affiliate, you don’t have to worry about inventory management, shipping, or handling customer service inquiries. The merchant takes care of all of these tasks.
  • Flexibility: Affiliates have the freedom to promote the merchant’s products or services in any way they see fit, as long as they follow the rules set by the merchant. This can include creating product reviews, blog posts, social media posts, email marketing campaigns, and more.
  • Access to a wide range of products or services: By joining an affiliate program, affiliates have access to a wide range of products or services that they can promote, which can increase their earning potential.
  • Brand exposure: Affiliates can leverage the merchant’s brand to increase their own brand exposure and credibility, as well as attract new customers to their own website or social media channels.

Sex game affiliate programs

If you like online sex games and want some direction on getting started with sex game affiliate programs, I can recommend the following to you.

Thrixxx Cash

Sex game developer Thrixxx offers many online sex games such as Chathouse 3D Roulette, 3D Sex Villa 2, and 3D Gay Villa 2, and Hentai 3D2, just to name a few. Thrixxx offers sexgames that are mostly solo sex simulators, but Chathouse 3D roulette is considered a massively multiplayer sex game

You can sign up for Thrixx Cash to become an affiliate for its online sex games.


Sex simulator games from the merchant PornAffs cover various genres, including fantasy, hentai, and both mainstream and fetish high-quality gameplay. These are solo sex simulator experiences and the revenue share model is appealing with its subscription model.

Phone sex affiliate programs

Phone sex operator on a red phone for best adult affiliate programs list
Phone sex adult affiliate programs are popular for sexting, voice, and video calls.

I need to do more research on reputable phone sex affiliate programs to add to this list of best adult affiliate programs from my experience and perspective.


You can read more detail on the Whalehunter adult affiliate program from SkyPrivate my post on phone sex affiliate programs. It’s actually a video cam sex show affiliate program for cam performers who give shows through a Skype-supported app;.

Love doll and robot sex doll affiliate programs

For now, I have just one robot sex doll affiliate program I am comfortable recommending, but I will have more to add to this list after I do some due diligence. There’s always a lot of hype around so-called sex robots and what is actually available is often different than what people imagine after seeing movies or overexaggerated claims from marketers.

RealDollX sex robot affiliate program

For more in-depth information about Abyss Creations, the company that creates realistic sex dolls called RealDolls, you can read my post about its sexbot affiliate program.

Based in the United States and created by Matt McMullen, the RealDoll line of realistic love dolls comes in robotic form. Costing more than $10,000, the robotic head for the RealDollX robot sex dolls is not something everyone can afford. But the 10% commission to affiliates looks pretty good compared to your average sex toy affiliate sales.

Adult Affiliate Marketing Events

The European Summit (TES) is a well-known conference series for the digital marketing industry that holds annual events in Prague and Portugal each year.

Well-attended by adult industry professionals, these networking and skills-building events focus on adult affiliate marketing as well as online advertising and e-commerce related to adult entertainment and sex toys.

Some regular attendees include the adult web hosting platform Mojohost, advertising network Juicy Ads, and the interactive online porn team from FeelMe AI.

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