Best Sex Simulators of 2024

Highly realistic sex simulators online let you play out your wildest fantasies. The following sexual simulation games are the most popular and best sex simulators that I’ve personally played.

To make the list helpful to more people, I’ve included free sex simulators as well as some paid 3d sex simulators that come with more perks and customization choices.

First, I’ll share my favorite and most realistic sex simulators. Then below I list some great free sex simulators that are fun to play.

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Most realistic sex simulators

Giving credit where credit is due, these are by far the most realistic sex simulators I’ve tried. Highly realistic graphics are key to qualifying, but not enough. The gameplay and overall feel of the sex simulator need to grab me into a fantasy world that I can lose myself in and forget my surroundings.

Virtual Lust 3D

The Virtual Lust 3D Sex Simulator is one of the most realistic and best sex simulators online.

Virtual Lust 3D is a realistic 3D sex simulator, and it’s not for the faint of heart. This hardcore adult game boasts 4K graphics and realistic animation of beautiful girls, big dicks, and facial cum shots. 

This sex simulator lets you see the action from multiple angles, and customize the experience and your dream girl the way you want.


join 3dxchat massively multiplayer sex game

I love, love, love 3DXChat. It’s one of the best sex simulators around because of its highly realistic sex graphics and how the creators are continually updating the 3D sex game. While 3DXChat is a multiplayer sex game, you can use it solely as a sex simulator to create your dream sexual partner and act out your fantasies.

With real-time players from all over the world, there can be hundreds of potential kinky chat partners online at any time. That is if you want to take advantage of its 3DXChat’s live sex chat features that let you play out the sex acts as you sext.

This multiplayer sex chat game allows supports interactive sex toys, that mimic the sexual activity of your avatars.

It also attracts a vibrant futanari scene, with several 3D sex chat rooms dedicated to futas.

Red Light Center

red light center 3d sex game

You can actually download and enter the 3D sex game Red Light Center for free. But you’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership to take advantage of the sexual gameplay features. Red Light Center is actually a massively multiplayer online sex world, so the avatars have real people behind them. With a vibrant community, Red Light Center can be much more than just a sexual simulation game if you want it to be.

Lesbian Sex Simulators

Girlvania lesbian sex simulator with three female avatars.

Girlvania is one of the best lesbian sex simulators out there. That is, if you like downloadable PC games. The lesbian sex simulator game lets you control the action, with various girls, lollipops, and tons of gameplay for foot fetishists. If you are also into futanari — girls with dicks — then yup you will likely want to give Girlvania a shot.

Free sex simulators

3D Sex Villa 2

3d sex villa 2 sex simulator game

If you haven’t heard about 3D Sex Villa before, this interactive 3D sex simulator is a long-time favorite online, for old and new players. It’s been around since at least 2016, if not earlier.

The single-player sex game lets you direct and control the scenarios. The settings range from vanilla, kinky, and hardcore tastes, and even capture the delight of tentacle porn lovers, with its many choices of sex acts and scenes.

The free sex simulator is highly customizable and must be downloaded on a PC to play. You can pay to upgrade for a larger selection of erotic accessories if you would like.

Yareel 3D

Yareel 3D sex game screenshot features a lesbian kiss beween avatars on a bed.
A screenshot of Yareel 3D, a free sex simulator and sexting game screenshot, shows a lesbian kiss beween avatars on a bed.

What I love about Yareel 3D is it is free to play and is also available on Android, iOS, and desktop browsers. Often the sex simulators I find work only on PCs or Androids. On mobile, you can also download the Yareel app at the Google Play Store, or sideload the app after you download the Yareel apk kit.

Inside the 3D sex game world, you can either play solo, after creating your own avatar and then roleplay with a computer-controlled avatar. You can also use Yareel 3D as a sexting or dating app and meet real people for virtual dates. There are many settings to meet people in real-time in various 3D settings like bars, pools, and apartments.

Yareel 3D is free to play, but you can upgrade to get access to perks for a fee. It is one of the best sex simulators, in my opinion, because it has many different features that may appeal to different users. For instance, there are dating profiles of people, or you can forget that and just sext with avatars, either ones with humans behind them or ones that are entirely computer generated and waiting.

Waifu Sex Simulator

Waifu Sex Simulator VR Porn
The popular anime Waifu Sex Simulator game for VR and browsers was created by Lewd FRAGGY. Image:

Waifu Sex Simulator is an anime sex simulator game that’s free and very popular online. Beyond being a free sex simulator, its popularity is also due to its being available as a VR sex simulator or a browser-based sex simulator. Have I got your attention yet?

In case you are curious, the word “Waifu” comes from anime and manga communities and is a portmanteau of the words “wife” and “waif.” What a Waifu refers to is a fictional female character that’s the object of romantic affection.

Over on Reddit, there is a fantastic tutorial post on how to download Waifu Sex Simulator, including tips on how to make sure that you download a real copy of it. For instance, you need to make sure that creator Lewd FRAGGY is the one credited.

3D GoGo 2

3d gogo 2 sex simulator dancing game

For me, the 3D simulation 3D GoGo 2 is a lot of fun—and free— so I’m adding it to the list. Sex isn’t involved per se, but nudity and erotic dancing certainly are! This downloadable 3D sex game lets you create and dress a hot dancing girl, who will strip to your choice of music.

Sex Emulator

Malwarebytes Sex Emulator 3D sex simulator warning "Website blocked due to riskware"

Another free sex simulator game is Sex Emulator, which is highly advertised. I’m only mentioning it here because I have heard it is free and seen so many ads for it. That being said, my Malwarebytes always warns me when I click to enter the page the “Website is blocked due to riskware.” So, yeah, I’m not comfortable promoting this site, but I am curious about it.

So reach out to me and let me know what you have to say for yourself, Sex Emulator 😉

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