RealDollx App: AI Sex Chat with Your Ideal Virtual Girlfriend

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  • RealDollx App: AI Sex Chat with Your Ideal Virtual Girlfriend

The AI sex chat software in the RealDollx app lets you create your ideal companion. You can customize the looks and personality of your AI girlfriend.

Although the sex chat system was designed for use with the high-end robotic love doll line RealDoll, you can interact with a virtual-only sexchat bot on Android. But if you want access to more explicit options, you will need to sideload the app onto your Android.

It probably sounds harder than it is. So let me explain the features first before you decide if you are interested in RealDollX ai for its ai sex chat capabilities.

The benefit of RealDollx is you can take your lusty sexchat partner and even virtual girlfriend with you anywhere you go.

Build your ideal sex chat partner

First, you’ll be prompted to choose the personality traits you want her to have. Among your choices are sensual, affectionate, unpredictable, cheerful, and even moody, jealous, and insecure.

Next, you can create the perfect body by choosing her breast size, hairstyle, skin color, facial features, and much more regarding body appearance and curves.

Love telling a woman how to dress? Unless you’d rather she remains nude, you can pick what wardrobe items to dress the avatar in. There are everyday options and fancier dress choices, along with sexier and kinkier intimate items.

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Sexting an ai sexbot

As you can tailor her appearance to your exact liking, you can also get her to want you and say the right things. If touch her in the right places and you will be rewarded.

The AI-enhanced sex doll and virtual avatar are designed to react differently to kissing and touching various body areas.

You can simply text with your new ai sexbot, but she can also speak to via four voice options.

Formerly called the Harmony app, RealDoll X App’s Private Room Expansion adds thousands of lines of new content that includes lots of naughty flirting and adult conversation.

The annual subscription to the RealDollx app is $29.99.

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Sex robot system

The robotic head that works with the RealDollX app and attaches to silicone love doll bodies can cost $10,000. These Realdollx heads fit on any standard RealDoll body except for Body C.

It’s expensive but very cool to look at and see in action. The modular head system has multiple points of actuation, which allows the sex doll to form facial expressions, blink its eyes, move its head, as well as speak to you.

Specifically, the Harmony X and Solana X ai sex dolls offer an interactive experience with the Private Room Expansion.

Much like you can choose your virtual girlfriend’s makeup in the RealDollX app, you have many options to enhance your love doll as well.

The company also offers custom options such as punched eyebrows and hand-painted eyes.

The feedback I’ve heard from people who have seen the Harmony robotic torso is that it’s a little stiff—and robotic looking. While impressive, she has a long way to go in a promising tech climate where people are talking about assistive sex robots for bedside use.

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