FeelMe AI Turns Your Browser into Interactive Porn

FeelMe AI creates interactive porn from standard 2D adult content like webcams.

FeelMe AI is set to unveil two new additions to its compatibility lineup in June. The first is Titan by Kiiroo™, an advanced masturbator equipped with nine built-in motors for a realistic experience. The second is The Handy, a state-of-the-art interactive stroker that promises high-performance pleasure. These cutting-edge devices are designed to enhance and elevate … Read more

4 Best Adult Affiliate Programs

A woman in white lingerie lies on a bed with money all around her.

There are many types of adult affiliate programs for different sectors like sex toys, phone sex, online sex games, subscription porn sites, and even affiliate programs to sell sex robots. An affiliate program is a commonly used marketing strategy that a company, called the merchant, uses when they will pay a commission to a webmaster … Read more

Phone Sex Affiliate Programs

Who doesn’t love phone sex? Sure, sexting has taken over with smartphones everywhere, but there’s something to be said about what a sexy voice and thrilling conversation can do to your imagination and sex drive. If you want to earn money as a webmaster or online marketer from phone sex affiliate programs, I’ve shared some … Read more

The Best Affiliate Program to Sell Sex Robots

Xandra and Yasmin are the two new silicone RealDoll sex dolls.

Someone emailed me recently asking if I could recommend an affiliate program to sell sex robots. I’ve written about ai sexchat bots and realistic love dolls with robotic sexual functions before and have a decade of experience with adult affiliate programs. If you aren’t familiar with them, an adult affiliate program is a marketing strategy … Read more

What Is Hentai Porn?

hentai tentacle porn The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife

Hentai is a sexually explicit or pornographic subgenre of Japanese animation styles anime and manga. Anime is often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters, and fantastical themes. Manga, on the other hand, refers to Japanese comics. Like anime, manga covers a wide range of genres, and is often characterized by its distinct art style, which … Read more

Best Sex Simulators of 2023

3d sex simulators interface

Highly realistic sex simulators online let you play out your wildest fantasies. The following sexual simulation games are the most popular and best sex simulators that I’ve personally played. To make the list helpful to more people, I’ve included free sex simulators as well as some paid 3d sex simulators that come with more perks … Read more

5 Online Sex Games Like Yareel

Screenshot of the online sexgame Yareel

Since I shared my posts on my favorite virtual BDSM sex games, I’ve been getting more questions about other online sex games like Yareel. Yareel 3D appeals to many different people because of its many customization options. First, Yareel can be both a sex simulator and a multiplayer sex world for virtual sex, roleplay, and … Read more

The Best Sexting Apps for Couples

Amorus sex game and chat app for couples. Screenshots for app store.

Sure, you could send your significant other sexts over the default messaging app on your phone. You even upgrade to a fancier messaging app that boats better privacy and security. It makes sense you don’t want your racy requests or sexy selfies seen by unwanted eyes. Or maybe you’d rather go next-level in your sexting … Read more

BDSM Resources for New and Experienced Kinksters

An intro and guide to BDSM resources. What is BDSM? BDSM is a sexual subculture and term that involves sexual practices and activities such as Bondage, Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and SadoMasochism. These activities often involve the use of restraints, such as ropes or handcuffs, as well as sensory deprivation, role-playing, and pain or punishment … Read more