Stunning Sex Dolls from Toronto Sex Show

Sex dolls at the Toronto Taboo Sex Show in 2022.

I was lucky to come across the sexbots and stunningly realistic sex dolls at the Toronto Taboo Sex Show in October. They were hard to miss, actually, even among the attractive and scantily clad humans also at the sex show. At the entrance, guests were greeted by the Sex Doll Canada booth. The people running … Read more

RealDollx App: AI Sex Chat with Your Ideal Virtual Girlfriend

The Harmony robotic sex doll integrateswith the RealDollX app and ai sex chat system.

The AI sex chat software in the RealDollx app lets you create your ideal companion. You can customize the looks and personality of your AI girlfriend. Although the sex chat system was designed for use with the high-end robotic love doll line RealDoll, you can interact with a virtual-only sexchat bot on Android. But if … Read more