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Who doesn’t love phone sex? Sure, sexting has taken over with smartphones everywhere, but there’s something to be said about what a sexy voice and thrilling conversation can do to your imagination and sex drive. If you want to earn money as a webmaster or online marketer from phone sex affiliate programs, I’ve shared some...
Adult Chat Sites I Love for Kinky Sexting
These are my favorite kinky chat rooms and sexting sites.
The Best Sexting Apps for Couples
Sure, you could send your significant other sexts over the default messaging app on your phone. You even upgrade to a fancier messaging app that boats better privacy and security. It makes sense you don’t want your racy requests or sexy selfies seen by unwanted eyes. Or maybe you’d rather go next-level in your sexting...
How to flirt over the phone
Flirting over the phone can be a fun and exciting way to connect with someone you’re interested in. Here are some tips for how to do it successfully: Start by introducing yourself and making small talk to break the ice. This can include asking about the other person’s day, commenting on something you have in...
A kinky chat with sexting queen Miss Sophia
The sexting queen shares her turn-ons and tips for steamy roleplay.
My first time serving as an online sub for Male Doms
My first time as a virtual submissive to a male Dom was a big deal, with big rewards.
How to talk like a Dom
Learning how to talk like a Dom is an incredibly sexy move—especially if you can master your tone.
Let’s CUM Together!
Timing orgasms so I cum at the same time as the other person is so hot. It's like the ultimate in terms of sexiness and connection.
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