Stunning Sex Dolls from Toronto Sex Show

I was lucky to come across the sexbots and stunningly realistic sex dolls at the Toronto Taboo Sex Show in October. They were hard to miss, actually, even among the attractive and scantily clad humans also at the sex show.

At the entrance, guests were greeted by the Sex Doll Canada booth. The people running it were friendly and snapped photos of me with some of the sex dolls. I’ll share some of the photos I took of them as well, including the beautiful ai sex doll from AI Tech that stole the show.

AI sex doll ‘Emma’

Emma the ai sex doll that talks from AI Tech.
Emma the ai sex doll that talks from AI Tech.

As I said, the hottest doll there, beyond compare, in my eyes was ‘Emma’ from the Chinese company AI Tech. Of course, it makes sense that Sex Doll Canada sells her and displayed her front and center.

This artificial companion comes enhanced with high-tech features like the ability to talk, respond to touch via sensors, and also have her skin heat up to 37 degrees Celsius ( about human body temperature).

The built-in sensors mentioned above allow Emma to respond to touch in certain areas with moans or different responses you may choose.

The beautiful Emma is made of food-grade thermoplastic elastomer. She can also move her head and blink.

According to AI Tech, the company plans to improve the ai sex doll by adding face recognition and automatic tracking.

And although her name is “Emma,” there is an option to change her name and teach her new things, if you are motivated to go into more advanced use. For example, you could get her to remember certain movies or hobbies you enjoy.

The sex doll is designed to learn more as you talk to her. Like all good robots, she also comes with memory storage. Since she connects to the Internet, it’s possible to allow automatic upgrading of her system.

It’s possible to customize “Emma” by choosing from various head options and body features.

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Hunky Male Sex Doll

I wasn’t expecting this hunky male sex doll to pull out his cock like that. On the other hand, I wasn’t NOT expecting to see something like that, and it was such a beautiful cock after all.

The male version of the sex doll on display was super easy on the eyes. I love his rugged 5 o’clock shadow.

The sex doll squad

four sex dolls on a couch from sex doll canada
The sex doll squad sits on a couch at the Sex Doll Canada exhibit at the 2022 Taboo Sex Show in Toronto.

In case you didn’t catch a good enough look before, here are a few more photos of the harem of half-nude sex dolls that were at Taboo.

Which one would you pick?

While the robotic sex doll and love dolls on display were promoted for their pleasure aspects, sexual robotics are also being considered for application to assistive sex technologies.

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