The Best Sexting Apps for Couples

Sure, you could send your significant other sexts over the default messaging app on your phone.

You even upgrade to a fancier messaging app that boats better privacy and security. It makes sense you don’t want your racy requests or sexy selfies seen by unwanted eyes.

Or maybe you’d rather go next-level in your sexting game with an app tailored for sexual roleplay and virtual sex. In the list below, I share what I consider the best sexting apps for couples. I plan to keep updating it with new sexting app reviews and I try more.

Lovense remote sex app

A screenshot of the Lovense remote sex app from the App Store. It is considered one of the best sexting apps for couples.
A screenshot of the Lovense remote sex app from the App Store. You can download the sexting app on Android or iOS.

Lovense is a brand of sex toys that can be controlled remotely using a smartphone app. The Lovense app makes my top stop for best sexting apps for couples for a few reasons. First, I’ve been using it for over four years now and find it’s become better with each development upgrade.

The second reason is the Lovense remote sex app has so many possible uses for couples. Mainly, it lets you connect to and control the intensity and function of the Lovense smart sex toys. You can use it in the same room, or far away when your partner is on a business trip. All you need is an Internet connection. There is also a video chat and text chat function. There are also many fun features like music control and the ability to have synchronous vibrations between you and your partner’s Lovense sex toys.

Along with communicating with the app, the long-distance and Bluetooth sex toys from Lovense can communicate and respond to each other’s movements. It’s an exciting mutual experience meant to simulate in-person sex.

Lovense’s products include a range of vibrators and other sex toys that can be controlled using the app, including toys for solo use and toys that are designed for use with a partner. The Lovense app allows couples to control the intensity and function of the toys, as well as to connect with other users remotely.

Best of all, the app is available to download on both Android and iOS devices.

Amorus sexting app

Amorus sex game and chat app for couples. Screenshots from the App Store.
Amorus sex game and chat app for couples. Screenshots from the App Store.

The Amorus App is a sexy chat app designed for couples. What I really like are its texting sex games and icebreakers for when you’re just not quite sure how to get going.

App Store screenshot of Chat Sparks texting sex game prompts.
“Chat Sparks” sexting prompts help you get flirty.

According to the company, your sexchat messages are always encrypted and it does not read or sell your conversations. That’s good to hear. So since your kinky chats are encrypted, they stay private in the sexting app.

The Amorus sexchat app doesn’t need your cellphone number, a major bonus for me. Also, since it is designed for couples and known connections, meaning the app will only link you with people you invite to chat through a URL or QR code. You won’t have any visible profile.

Back to the sexting icebreakers, well they are called “Chat Sparks.” You can use them if you need some guidance to start experimenting with your sexual relationship partner. It sends flirty prompts like “How do you love to be flirted with?”

Fantasy Swipe is a fun and easy sex game that helps you uncover what fantasies or kinky desires you both share. Couples are asked to swipe “yes” or “no” to erotic ideas that pop up. You’ll only be told which ones you are both interested in.

At the time, this sexting app for couples is only available to download on iOS. Once it can offer access to Android users, I will move it up on the list of best sexting apps for couples, especially since it helps prompt sexy conversations and potential new erotic topics you’ve never talked about with your partner.


Screenshots of the secure messaging app Confide from the App Store.
Confide is one of the best sexing apps for couples and minimalist sexters who prize security and privacy.

For the minimalists who prize privacy and security, I’ve included the secure messaging app Confide as a great sexting app for couples. It is also available to download on Android, iOS, and desktop platforms. It’s definitely one of the best apps sexting apps for couples concerned about controlling their private moments.

Confide uses end-to-end encryption to protect the content of its messages from being accessed by anyone other than the sender and recipient.

The messaging app also includes features that make it difficult for messages to be saved or forwarded. For example, you can set messages to expire after a set time, or “screenshot blurring” obscures the content of messages until it is actively viewed by the recipient.

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