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One of our favorite 3D sex games for kinky sex chat and roleplay is 3DXChat. The virtual world lets you create your own avatar and meet other players with similar fantasies.

The adult sex chat game released version 2.9 this month, which includes new content and poses. Also, the new advanced clothing material system in the character editor lets you make super-realistic and texturized outfits.

Some examples of new fetish gear and lingerie are below. The bottom row shows what I think is super hot thin leather bondage-style lingerie.

More BDSM and kink exploration is happening inside the 3D chat game that we’ll share in the future. You can also expect to choose from rope and restraint sex poses and acts.

Avatars wear the new erotic and kinkly clothing available in 3d sex chat game 3DX Chat.
Sexy leather lingerie for BDSM play is one of several updates to the 3d sex chat game 3DXChat.

In the meantime, if you are new to kinky chat, you might want to read our blog on how to talk like a Dom. Or maybe you’d rather learn about a new female sub’s journey first time online with a male Dom.

3DXChat is a virtual sex game that offers BDSM sex positions and kinky chat.

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