The Best Sexting Apps for Couples

Amorus sex game and chat app for couples. Screenshots for app store.

Sure, you could send your significant other sexts over the default messaging app on your phone. You even upgrade to a fancier messaging app that boats better privacy and security. It makes sense you don’t want your racy requests or sexy selfies seen by unwanted eyes. Or maybe you’d rather go next-level in your sexting … Read more

BDSM Resources for New and Experienced Kinksters

An intro and guide to BDSM resources. What is BDSM? BDSM is a sexual subculture and term that involves sexual practices and activities such as Bondage, Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and SadoMasochism. These activities often involve the use of restraints, such as ropes or handcuffs, as well as sensory deprivation, role-playing, and pain or punishment … Read more

MILF Reagan Foxx Stroker

MILF Reagan Foxx Stroker photo

Interactive sex toy company Kiiroo added a new sexy porn star to its Feel Star Collection, southern belle and beloved MILF Reagan Foxxx. Reagan Foxx’s stroker is personalized and molded from her vulva. Like other Feel Star Strokers, it supports interactive porn videos, including those of the porn star Reagan Foxx. If you ever wanted … Read more

What Is Futanari?

Two topless hentai babes with penises is what is futanari porn.

Futanari or “futa porn” is becoming increasinlgy popular. There is also a large online community in the 3D sex games world that embraces what it means to be futanari.

What is a foot fetish?

A woman's feet in pink heels over a TV set.

Let’s bust some taboos, shall we, and talk about what is a foot fetish is and why it is perfectly alright to be attracted to feet.

Yareel APK Download Guide

Yareel 3D sex game screenshot shows a sexy couuple on a bed in a modern style home.

In my post sharing my favorite multiplayer sex worlds, the 3D sex and dating game Yareel is one of my top picks. One of its best features is how you can play it on your Android phone with the Yareel APK download. For most virtual sex games, you will need to be on a PC … Read more

How to flirt over the phone

Phone sex operator on a red phone

Flirting over the phone can be a fun and exciting way to connect with someone you’re interested in. Here are some tips for how to do it successfully: Start by introducing yourself and making small talk to break the ice. This can include asking about the other person’s day, commenting on something you have in … Read more

Stunning Sex Dolls from Toronto Sex Show

Sex dolls at the Toronto Taboo Sex Show in 2022.

I was lucky to come across the sexbots and stunningly realistic sex dolls at the Toronto Taboo Sex Show in October. They were hard to miss, actually, even among the attractive and scantily clad humans also at the sex show. At the entrance, guests were greeted by the Sex Doll Canada booth. The people running … Read more

RealDollx App: AI Sex Chat with Your Ideal Virtual Girlfriend

The Harmony robotic sex doll integrateswith the RealDollX app and ai sex chat system.

The AI sex chat software in the RealDollx app lets you create your ideal companion. You can customize the looks and personality of your AI girlfriend. Although the sex chat system was designed for use with the high-end robotic love doll line RealDoll, you can interact with a virtual-only sexchat bot on Android. But if … Read more

Best BDSM sex games for kinky chat

A young blonde kneels wearing bondage on her wrists and neck.

Earlier I shared about the latest updates to the 3D virtual sex game 3DXChat, and promised more details on its kinky, fetish, and rough sex positions. I will do even better and share what type of BDSM fantasies you can explore in words and in realistic live images with avatars. In this list, I share … Read more